scribbles & squibbles


So, who am I?

             Also known as prettychq18, teneighteen_06kichekicheku, kcduabe, and   Kaycee.
          I am a writer since 2007 and has already finished several stories such as The Perfect Stepbrother Book 1 & 2, The Diarist, Heartbreak #26, 53.000 Steps and many more.
          I am a frustrated singer, dancer, volleyball player, pianist, and artist but mostly I'm a self-proclaimed geek and a nerd combined who is attracted to bad boys with a girl’s name. 

          I am a dreamer and a wanderer. A future doctor, probably specializing in cardiology, neurology, or oncology. I am now a graduate of BS Microbiology from the University of Santo Tomas, and a medical student at FEU-NRMF. Currently,  I'm chasing one dream at a time.

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